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G2NL Channel

Welcome to the G2NL Channel

G2NL Channel is an HR Video Channel with 4 different shows :

G2NL Mag: Every week, we check what happened in the HR world and we share it with you.

G2NL Tips: Let’s say on a regular base, we provide tips and tricks for career development and social media use.

G2NL Talk: Every two months, we answer all your questions. You can also follow this show on Periscope.

G2NL MD10: Every month, we invite someone who inspire us, and we challenge him to build a lego in less than 10 minutes answering questions about entrepreneurship and career management.

G2NL Recruitment

G2NL Tip

L'Onboarding #G2NLTip S02EP01

1on 4 candidates knows after the first week if he or she will stay in your company. So, don’t mess up with the onboarding.

Le Networking #G2NLTip S02EP02

I scream, you scream, police comes and things get awkward. So let’s see how to do a good and right networking.

L'entretien d'embauche #G2NLTip S01EP12

What to do when you finally have your job interview ? Well, we give you a few tips and tricks…

Powerpoint killer #G2NLTip S01EP06

We spend about 16 years of our life in meetings. So at least, let’s try to have nice presentations !

Le stress en public #G2NLTip S01EP02

Public speaking is one of the top 3 fears in the world. Right before spiders and clowns. Yep… Clowns… Those bastards!