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  • Social Media: The main one are easy to reach. But there are so many.
  • Group Social Media: I love when things are organized.
  • Every Groups: I love to use Emoji as titles. It’s mostly because it’s funnier.
  • Slack: to stay close to my team.
  • Mail: One day, I’ll have an empty box…
  • Medium: I try to read 30 minutes a day. It keeps me up to date.
  • Calm: It helps me to relax and focus.
  • You: get simple actions for happier and healthier living. And I can Snap it 😀
  • Snapchat: You don’t need to be 14 years old to enjoy it.
  • Stats & measurement apps: I’ll teach you…
  • Photos: I will find you, and I will shoot you.

What I do best

Talent Management
Project Management
Change Management
Social Media
Christelle Letist
Christelle Letist

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