Christelle Letist

Hi there! I’m Christelle Letist

HR & Talent Manager for over 10 years, geekette in my spare time, I break through the secrets of social networks to help companies and their employees find their place.

I love working with People and Organisation to make them sparkle and reach next levels. My core belief is that YOU are the master of your life and destiny and that life is too short not to live it fully. Optimist & curious by nature, I’m passionate about HR and Social Media. I have a strong interest in these communication channels and the way it allows us to share, learn, study and work. With an extensive experience in HR & IT, and operating in different types of organizations, I can combine a specialized knowledge and expertise in HR with the needs of your company through my skills.

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  • Social Media: The main one are easy to reach. But there are so many.
  • Group Social Media: I love when things are organized.
  • Every Groups: I love to use Emoji as titles. It’s mostly because it’s funnier.
  • Slack: to stay close to my team.
  • Mail: One day, I’ll have an empty box…
  • Medium: I try to read 30 minutes a day. It keeps me up to date.
  • Calm: It helps me to relax and focus.
  • You: get simple actions for happier and healthier living. And I can Snap it 😀
  • Snapchat: You don’t need to be 14 years old to enjoy it.
  • Stats & measurement apps: I’ll teach you…
  • Photos: I will find you, and I will shoot you.

What I do best

Talent Management
Project Management
Change Management
Social Media
Christelle Letist
Christelle Letist

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