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To know me better, check my iPhone home screen

  • Phone: because, well, you know…
  • Time: believe me, I really really need that.
  • Messages: and I mean A LOT!
  • FaceTime: to see people I don’t see as often as I’d love to.
  • What’s App: because not everybody has an iPhone.
  • Safari: Don’t judge me!
  • Social Media: a good mix between private and professional.
  • Slack: so I can send Tacos to my colleagues.
  • Giphy: there’s always a GIF for that…
  • Nike Running: cause I don’t walk, I run!
  • Youtube: damned you little cute kitty!
  • Photo: there’s about 11.000 pictures in my iPhone. So I think it’s clear for everybody.
  • Google Maps: The day my GPS will be as good as this app, I’ll get rid of it.
  • Hootsuite: If you like Social Media, you’ll need this.

What I do best

Talent Development
Performance Management
Talent Acquisition & Onboarding
Employer Branding
Pauline Bernard
Pauline Bernard

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