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  • Spotify: How could you work without music?
  • Redshark: It’s a Daily Digital Magazine for the Moving Image Industry. Lot of cool stuffs!
  • Shazam: Because we all know that music, but we don’t remember the title.
  • Hyper: Watch the best web videos of the day. Even without internet!
  • Vidéo Apps: Well, I don’t sell cookies.
  • Photography Apps: But I do take pictures of cookies.
  • Mails Apps: Don’t ask. I know. I could only use one. Don’t judge me!
  • Social Media group: This is where I share my pictures of cookies.

What I do best

Video Production
Video Editing
Video Adviser
Adobe Premiere expert
Sebastien Viot
Sebastien Viot

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Good Meat



Bring me to Justin Bieber's concert and you're dead !



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Pauline Bernard

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