Sebastien Viot

Hi there! I’m Sebastien Viot

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a two-minute video represents.

This is why I’m not only the cameraman or the editor. I’m the director. I’m the storyboard. I’m the sexy makeup artist, i’m the guy at the lights, the sound engineer. I’m the coach, the designer, and I’m the one listening to you.I’m the teleprompter, the green key. I’m your idea pushed to the next levels. I’m your project, your concept.

In the end, I’m the one who will bring to life that little unique idea growing in the back of your brain.

From briefing to deliverable, my expertise goes far beyond simple shooting. The making of, from logistics management through post-production, I help you to have a quality product that fits your image and your values.

Because your company deserves better than a holiday movie.

And the most important, I am a happy father and husband.

iPhone Sebastien Viot

To know me better, check my iPhone home screen

  • Spotify: How could you work without music?
  • Redshark: It’s a Daily Digital Magazine for the Moving Image Industry. Lot of cool stuffs!
  • Shazam: Because we all know that music, but we don’t remember the title.
  • Hyper: Watch the best web videos of the day. Even without internet!
  • Vidéo Apps: Well, I don’t sell cookies.
  • Photography Apps: But I do take pictures of cookies.
  • Mails Apps: Don’t ask. I know. I could only use one. Don’t judge me!
  • Social Media group: This is where I share my pictures of cookies.

What I do best

Video Production
Video Editing
Video Adviser
Adobe Premiere expert
Sebastien Viot
Sebastien Viot

How to make me happy ?


Good Meat



Bring me to Justin Bieber's concert and you're dead !



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