Thierry Croix

Hi there! I’m Thierry Croix

I’m not saying I’m Batman ! I just say you’ve never seen us both together in the same room…

But what I am is a UX Designer. I could tell you about the User Experience and all the technical things linked to it. But in most cases, people don’t really get my job. So, let’s simplify! My job is to make things easy to use, and kind of sexy. Might be a web site, a mobile app, an internal digital tool, or even packaging. Easy you say? Well it’s a bit more complicated than you think. Part of my job is also to understand the needs, to analyse the flows in order to be able to optimize it. But also to understand the Client’s values and philosophy. Ho, I forgot ! I’ve been a comedian since 2006.

What’s the point? Well, I’ve spent all that time telling stories to an audience. So, when it comes to public speaking or storytelling, I’m far from being a bull in a china shop. 

iPhone Thierry Croix

To know me better, check my iPhone home screen

  • Social media apps: Do I really have to explain this?
  • Netflix: It helps me relax and chill
  • Marvel: For my prototyping
  • Adobe Preview: Easy way to check your design on the device itself
  • DS File: Quick access to our server
  • Evernote: Well, you know this one
  • Authentic: THE best weather app EVER!
  • GoPro: To catch every moment with my team
  • Pokemon Go: Yes, I’m weak. Don’t judge me!
  • Slack: To be close to my team
  • Photography Apps: Always be ready to shoot

What I do best

Visual Design
Improved Comedy Traine
UX Design
Public speaking Coach
Thierry Croix
Thierry Croix

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Where to find me ?

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